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Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I shampoo my hair before coming to the salon? 

No, all services include a shampoo service. This ensures we start with a clean canvas and that your hair is properly moisturized and hydrated before styling.

Is hair included for extension services?

It depends. For loc extensions and braids, yes hair is included. For weave services like sewins , quickweaves , and ponytails the hair is not included but we can guide you on where to purchase best hair for the desired service.

Does Installing Loc Extensions hurt and how long does it take?

Installing loc extensions is not painful because the extension is installed 1/2 inches away from your scalp causing low to no tension . Loc extensions installs can vary from 6-12 hours depending on the desired style.

How long will my loc extensions last? 

It varies. Most clients keep their loc extensions in until their natural hair grows to a comfortable length. This time frame could be 1-3 years

Are the Loc extensions human hair ?

Yes. All permanent loc extensions are human hair. They can be cut, colored and curled.

How long will it take for my natural hair to loc?

Everyones loc journey is completely unique , so there is no exact answer . However most textures loc between 6 -12 months . 

How often should I wash my starter locs?

Starter locs should be shampood every 3/4 weeks. Keeping a clean scalp and hair will actually help your locs to form into mature locs. Also, when the water hits your hair it help to create the matting effect for your hair to turn into locs.

Do I need to bring my own product or color ?

No need. As a full service professional salon we have all products and color for your desired look.

Is lashes included in makeup services ?

Yes. We provide a variety of strip lashes to make your makeup look complete.

How often should I get trims and treatments on my hair?

Its great to have your hair on a regime , so once every 3 months you should treating and trimming hair at minimum.

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